Posted on 2019-9-28

Thingylabs HQ

Thingylabs HQ - A new definition of working space
(Part II, part I at:

What hidden behind the unusual working scene is Thingylab´s new philosophy of working per se. The Thingylabers don’t draw a line between work and life. Doing the things they have the passion for and getting things done with people they like spending time with, doesn’t distinguish from enjoying life itself.

The common definition of companies doesn’t fit here hundred-percent, either. You would rather see a community here, where a group of young people share their interests, knowledge, and creativity, where everyone cares about each other. Here the people are the purpose, the projects are only the tools, never the other way around.

It is by no means easy to change the things we take for granted, to ask what is work actually when people normally just skip this question and look for the so-called work-life balance. This might be the most challenging yet meaningful project Thingylabs is working on. ✨
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